•  There isn't a bad egg in the entire cast, but special recognition should go to Jillian Jarrett as Jerry’s ex, Pam Lukowski, making sure that she’s not just a stereotypical bitch but a willing co-parent.                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Life Full of Cheese Sept. 13th 2015


  • I also enjoyed how the character of Jerry’s ex-wife was handled. As played by Jillian Jarrett, she keeps Pam from becoming bitter or nagging. It easy to believe the Pam and Jerry once had feelings for each other, and that Pam’s main goal is keeping their son happy.                                                                         – Behind the Curtain Cincinnati Sept. 22nd 2015


  • Even though the men are the main focus, the cast includes a fine group of ladies primarily led by Jillian Jarrett as Jerry’s sensible ex-wife Pam.                       – Dayton.com Sept. 22nd 2015


  • The women are also captivating in their roles, particularly Jillian Jarrett (Pam), as Jerry’s ex-wife bringing extra layers of depth and beauty to her role.          – Dayton Local Sept. 2015


  • Jillian Jarrett is a sensible, tender presence as Pam, Jerry’s ex-wife.                                                                                                                                                             – Most Metro Sept. 14th 2015



  • However the standout performance in a solid cast is Jillian Wallach as Paulette, the hairdresser with a heart of gold. She is the subject of two show stopping musical numbers in each act. In “Ireland” she tells of looking for love and losing the game with Ireland as her embodiment of love and happiness. It is funny and sad but has a nice sense of self-awareness in letting the audience know this is a great piece of fluff. In the second act she is also the object as Elle and her Greek Chorus (you have to have been there to understand, trust me it works) instructs her in the “Bend and Snap.” Again Wallach brings a big heart to this piece as well as a big voice and commanding presence. She is letter perfect at all times as we root for her to get her man in the form of the UPS himbo, so well played by Michael Milton, to hoots and hollers from the audience.  

- Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association Oct. 13, 2010


  • While I’m on the topic of Paulette, I would like to give a shout out to Jillian Wallach who played this character. She undoubtedly brought down the house with her character portrayal and comedic wit. Her sporadic scenes brought life to the musical and I was often left wanting more every time her scenes came to an end, especially the song focusing on the Bend-and-Snap!

– Vancouver March 2, 2011


  • As Paulette the beautician who needs a confidence make over, Jillian Wallach is a born comedienne as she proves with her ballad of woe Ireland.

-  The Calgary Sun Feb. 26,2011


  • Jillian Wallach is a fun, charismatic (and well voiced) Paulette, the beautician who takes Elle under her wing after Elle gets into Harvard Law School. (Wallach’s “Bend and Snap” scene is a highlight.)

– Fresno Beehive Feb. 2, 2011


  • One of the best tunes in the show is Ireland, in which hairdresser Paulette (Jillian Wallach) sings about her dreams. There are some nice touches in the song, and Wallach, a talented performer, will have you smiling.

– The Ottawa Citizen Dec. 31, 2010


  • Jillian Wallach was impressive as Paulette. She has great comic timing and a sincerity that made her delightful.

- Broome Arts Mirror Dec. 14, 2010


  • Also rattling the rafters is Jillian Wallach as Paulette, Elle’s friendly beautician with a passion for all things Irish.

- The Grand Rapids Press Nov. 24, 2010


  • I was especially impressed with Jillian Wallach, who portrayed Elle’s hair stylist friend Paulette with tenderness and spunk.

- The Cavalier Daily Oct. 28, 2010


  • But it’s Jillian Wallach who really stands out as a hairdresser with blue-collar roots. In a lovely number titled Ireland, Wallach proves to be the only player on stage who never lets a misplaced syllable escape her lips.

– Vancouver Sun March 2, 2011


  • And Jillian Wallach is a vocal dream as the Irish-loving hairstylist Paulette.

- Metromix Columbus Sep. 28, 2010


  • Jillian Wallach, as her hair stylist friend Paulette, delivers a strong characterization and a particularly good rendition of her solo of Ireland.

- Capital Critics’ Circle Jan. 2, 2010




  • The night was not only about the acts, however. There is uncovered talent melting through the show. Jillian Wallach’s ability to capture the audience with her incredible talent takes over the entire show more than once, and she displays throughout the show a truly uncanny ability to be improvisational and fun when she is not necessarily the focus of the show. She has an incredible ability to take over an atmosphere with her powerful voice and clear passion for what she is doing.

- The Flyer Group December 9, 2011


  • The standout vocal performance is “O Holy Night” performed by Jillian Wallach. Her strong, full voice fills the theater with clear, rich tones that set goose bumps at attention.

– The Herald Bulletin December 2, 2011


  • Jillian Wallach, who displayed significant emotional depth, a gorgeous tone and an amazing vocal range, totally commanded the stage whenever she sang in her powerhouse voice, particularly during “O Holy Night”.

– The Examiner November 30, 2011


  • Each of the singers held their own, but newcomer Wallach shone the brightest. She took the reins of “O Holy Night”, the first female to do so in recent years. Her powerful performance in that song, along with others through out the night, raised the bar for the vocals.

– Stage Write November 29, 2011

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