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client testimonials



I was lucky enough to have Jillian do my wedding makeup this past June, 2018.  Jillian is the real deal when it comes to makeup.  Her skills are impeccable.  She is so knowledgeable; she knows all the latest and greatest products, and is constantly updating her supply.  She can do any skin tone/color/type with ease.  My wedding was outdoors, and the day ended up being 95 degrees.  Not only did my makeup withstand the extreme heat (and a lot of happy tears), but Jillian was able to cover up a terrible mosquito bite I got on my back during the pictures before the ceremony.  Jillian has no ego and is completely willing and able to do anything you want, while also having the confidence and skill to bring out your best features. 


Jillian is a true artist, but she is also an incredible person to have around on your wedding day.  She is hilarious, caring and so helpful.  She has an unbelievable eye for all things "wedding".  If you want to have one thing you don't have to worry about come your wedding day, you should hire Jill for your makeup.  You will not be disappointed!  



Listen- if you want not only a fantastic makeup artist but someone who knows everything about wedding timeline/how the day can run seamlessly and stress free Jillian is your girl! The best kind of person to have on your big day. She worked with me over and over without a complaint until we got my makeup exactly how I wanted. Day of she worked with all of my girls keeping us beautiful and together in a chill way. She’s just the best. I will have my makeup done by her again and again for everything I can.



If I'm being honest...Jillian Jarrett is fantastic!! Jillian did my make up for my headshots she was a dream to work with from the very beginning. Being an actress herself, Jillian understands the importance of headshot make up and the nuisances & details that can make or break your soon to be "calling card".  I found Jillian through Instagram and soon found she was incredibly easy to communicate with. I met her at her apartment in Manhattan before my session. I showed her some pictures of her past clients' make up that I liked and we spoke about the overall look I was going for. Jillian was a pleasure to chat with during my session and I never had to be tortured by that forced, awkward chit-chat that accompanies meeting someone new. I was so pleased with how my pictures turned out- my skin BARELY needed any retouching in post. Did I mention I felt freaking FABULOUS for the entire day after my session? I would recommend Jillian to anyone looking for a gal who knows her stuff! I look forward to hiring Jillian again!



Jillian is truly a dream and a magician. I’ve hired Jillian both to give me a tutorial about some make up skills I didn’t have (specifically contouring and a smokey eye), as well as doing my make up for an event; in both situations, she was personal, attentive, gentle, and always made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. When we did a tutorial, I walked away feeling like not only had I received a massive amount of information I didn’t have before, but also that I now had the SKILLS to create and easy, beautiful, flawless look. She even recommended some amazing products that I’ve now started using in my regular routine.


And when Jillian did my make up for an event….I have genuinely never felt so stunningly beautiful; I felt utterly flawless. On a very important evening, she helped me to not only look my best, but to FEEL my best. I still looked like myself, just heightened and glammed up. If I could have her in my pocket to do my make up every day? I absolutely would.



Jill is an incredible makeup artist and an amazing human! She is so knowledgeable and passionate about makeup and helping women feel empowered. Her talent is helping clients to feel like the most stunning, glamorous and fierce version of themselves. I felt so beautiful and confident and I am so thankful for her.



Jillian was the BEST to work with!  It's incredible how talented she is not only at applying various makeup looks, but at also navigating different personalities - which I had a lot of in my bridal party!  Everyone felt and looked beautiful and well cared for and she was so fast my wedding planner couldn't believe we were ahead of schedule all day.  She gave me a completely different look for my rehearsal dinner than for the wedding day itself and was able to make my mother, who never wears makeup feel like a movie star.  My mother actually said, 'If I did wear makeup, this is how I would want to look.  This is the prettiest I've ever felt!'.  Jillian was also so patient with me during the trial and we played with different variations of eyeshadow and lipstick until we found the PERFECT look for the wedding day.  We did the trial in the morning, I ran a ton of errands, took a nap, and the makeup was still perfect with no touch ups for dinner that night!  Same thing on the wedding day - I don't know what magic she's working with but it lasted all the way thru the afterparty with no touch ups without feeling heaving.  I can't say enough, I would recommend her to anyone for any type of event; she's a dream to work with.  

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